Dana Pyenik

Teach First Israel

Dana Pyenik is an educator, principal, and social entrepreneur. Most recently, as a consultant to the Vocational Training Division of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, she led a reform called “From Vocational Education to Creative Education.” Previously, she was CEO of the Dror Educational Centers (Drornet) for seven years, in which capacity she led organizational change processes and developed models for leading change in the public education system. Dana established and ran several schools in parts of Israel far from the main metropolitan centers, including Drornet's School for Tomorrow’s Professions and its Human, Society, and Nature school. She also founded the Yiftach pre-military academy for youth at risk; “Shutafim,” a program for social businesses that are run by students in schools; colleges for training community therapists who serve the elderly; and more. Dana holds a bachelor’s degree in education and history and a teaching certificate from Beit Berl College, and holds a master’s degree in educational administration and leadership from Tel Aviv University. She is interested in promoting an egalitarian and just society by strengthening and improving the public education system, with an emphasis on developing high-quality services for vulnerable populations. She is a graduate of the Mandel School of Educational Leadership and Maoz Advot, a leadership pipeline for the Israeli educational system.