Dow and Teach For All support STEM education in Argentina, Nigeria, and Spain

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Dow and Teach For All are excited to announce a new partnership to fund Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) teacher recruitment, professional development and placement in underserved schools in Lagos, Nigeria; Bahía Blanca, Argentina; and Tarragona, Spain. This partnership will directly impact nearly 200 teachers and more than 4,500 students across the three countries.

Nigerian teachers currently face challenges accessing STEM teaching resources, while in Argentina and Spain, many graduates cannot access the courses they need to pursue jobs in STEM fields. This partnership will enable broader access to educational opportunities, propelling students’ readiness for the future of work and their ability to tackle the considerable challenges we face as a global community.

"By giving teachers the resources they need to succeed, including enhanced professional development, we are building stronger and more sustainable education systems that will prepare students for the STEM careers of the future," said Rebecca Bentley, Dow’s vice president of Public Affairs and Dow Company Foundation director. "We are proud to collaborate with Teach For All to leverage their knowledge and networks to build the workforce of tomorrow."

The future of work is complex and influenced by constant shifts in how we live, work, and learn. Education should equip students with the skills and experiences needed to secure and succeed in the workforce, preparing them to thrive in a changing world. Teach For All’s Future of Work initiative aims to provide students the kind of education, support, and opportunities that will prepare them to not only navigate their world, but to lead it.

“Every child has enormous potential, yet education systems around the world are not providing the education needed to prepare for a career, and the world they’ll soon inherit,” said Tarek Chehidi, who leads Teach For All’s Future of Work initiative. “This initiative will help students build skills and characteristics to help them thrive in their futures: resilience, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and a lifelong drive for learning.”

Dow’s support of Teach For All further demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating positive social change, strengthening education and enhancing people's lives in our communities.