AFNE Volunteer Pilot Supports Patient with Transportation from FL to VT

A good friend and member of the extended Angel Flight NE Family Tammy, from Vermont, learned that her friend Laura had experienced a traumatic leg injury while on vacation in Florida. To properly recuperate and heal with her family around her, Laura needed to travel home as safely and comfortably as possible to Vermont. Traveling via car or van was not an option and neither was travel via commercial airlines do to the nature of her leg injury – she is required to keep her leg at 90 degrees at all times for a successful recovery. And in addition, travel via an air ambulance was extremely cost prohibitive and not covered by insurance.

When Tammy spoke with Laura and heard the despair in her voice, she knew if anyone could help Laura it would be the amazing team at Angel Flight NE. Tammy’s daughter Addi, who passed away last year from a rare disease, was a frequent flyer with Angel Flight NE and often needing “miracle flights” when it came to transportation. Supporting patients and families in need is at the heart of our mission!

As soon as the mission coordinators heard from Tammy about Laura’s medical situation, they knew immediately that the network of Angel Flight NE volunteer pilots would come through. One pilot who has moved mountains in the past to assist patients in need during times of crisis – AFNE Volunteer Pilot Charlie T. – stepped up immediately to help.

Tammy shared:
After the physical therapist in the hospital wrapped Laura’s walker handles in pink foam and someone painted her toes red, she immediately said “I know Addi is with me!”

Addi’s amazing spirit and presence was felt throughout Laura’s entire Angel Flight especially when AFNE Volunteer Pilot, Charlie came through for Laura with a workable solution via air transportation.

During her flight home, Laura not only wore pink to honor Addi during her flight, but also was carrying Addi and her daughter Nicole’s spiritual card for comfort and support.

We are always so grateful to our volunteer pilots for generously donating their time, fuel, planes and compassion to ensure that transportation is available for our patients especially during this time of crisis. As with all of our patients, Laura is forever a part of our Angel Flight NE family.

Mission/Flight requests – like Laura’s – happen daily and we are privileged to have the opportunity to not only fly, but deeply care for all who turn to us for help at difficult times in their lives. As with all of our patients, we are here for Laura for as long and as often as she needs our help and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Thank You and God Bless You for your support and belief in our healing mission.

With your help and belief in our mission, we can ensure that distance is never an obstacle for patients, like Laura.

Warmest regards,
Fr. Larry & the AFNE Staff

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