"What Leadership Do We Need Now?" ebook cover

What Leadership Do We Need Now?

Voices From the Teach For All Network on How We Can Shape a Better Future

Late last year, thousands of people across the Teach For All network came together at our virtual global conference to consider a timely question in this pandemic era and moment of dramatic change: What leadership do we need now?

The conference brought to light that this question must be one of constant learning and inquiry—especially for our network, whose purpose is to develop collective leadership to ensure that, in turn, all children develop as leaders who can shape a better future for themselves and all of us. In order to extend the conversation within our network, and to share some of our network’s insights with the world, we set out to publish Teach For All’s first book—a collection of essays on this topic. 

This collection puts forth perspectives of teachers, students, alumni, and staff members from across 18 countries and six continents. Collectively, these essays explore the kind of leadership we need to develop in our students, teachers and ourselves in order to navigate uncertainty and realize our shared aspirations.

A preview of what’s inside…

“We need leadership that has the courage to reimagine education, the compassion to deliver for children and teachers alike, and the consciousness of thought to remain clear and steadfast when needed. That leadership is arguably the single most important ingredient to not only rescue our current state of education, but to remake it into one that is transformative for future generations.”   

— Sandeep Rai, Chief Operating Officer, Teach For India


“I am deeply convinced that what we need right now is daring leadership that can take us out of our comfort zone and make us believe in ourselves and our purpose. Without courage, leadership remains an untapped potential, and ideas do not stand a chance.”   

— Yelyzaveta Shelestova, Student Alumna, Teach For Ukraine


“As leaders, we need to be willing to live authentically, in strength and vulnerability, and model how to work together to provide and accept essential support at all levels of our organizations, and in our communities, in order to heal and transform the systems around us.”   

— Moni Siv, CEO, Teach For Cambodia


“We still have a long way to go to address all the structural inequalities in our education system. However, what I have learned is the tremendous power of diverse community leadership to positively and sustainably transform our schools, communities, countries, and world.”   

— Darlin Ibarguen Asprilla, Alumnus, Enseña por Colombia