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We host regular forums to share what our global network is learning with our supporters and allies. In each discussion, we explore a topic in depth together with a group of leaders from across the network. The videos and summaries below feature curated insights from these conversations.

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How Can We Support Teachers to Shift Their Mindsets?

July 12, 2023  |  12 PM GMT

In July’s Learning Forum, we will hear from innovative teacher developers who believe that “unlearning” internalized assumptions about students, communities, and themselves is key to new teachers’ growth as transformational leaders who will help their students develop as leaders of a better future. We will explore ways these teacher developers are using pre-service training and ongoing coaching to support new teachers to shift their mindsets and perspectives. Interpretation will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

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Speakers include: 

  • Catherine Le Clef, Head of Training and Support, Teach For Belgium
  • Ana Medina, Chief Executive Officer, Enseña por Colombia
  • Ashley Salmon-Wander, Partner, Leadership and Learning Experiences Design, Teach For All
  • Jemima Nnamdi-Iweha, Leadership Development Manager, Teach For Nigeria
  • Steven Farr, Head of Global Learning Lab, Classroom Impact, Teach For All (Moderator)

Highlights & Resources From Past Events

Preview image for the video "Learning Forum: How Can We Foster Teacher Wellbeing? (Highlights)".

June 6, 2023

How Can We Foster Teacher Wellbeing?

With teacher burnout rates at record highs, investing in teacher wellbeing has never been more important. In June’s Learning Forum, we discussed practical measures being taken to support teachers' mental health and wellbeing, what teacher retention data from across our network tells us, and how we can enable teachers to thrive—not just survive. 

Speakers include: Juan Manuel Gonzalez, CEO, Enseña por México; Flora Gabtony, Head of Training & Leadership Development, Teach For Nigeria; Nara Magtaghyan, Managing Director of Program, Teach For Armenia; Stephanie Wong, Director, Leadership Development, Teach For All. Moderated by Radha Ruparell, Head of Global Leadership Accelerator, Teach For All

Download PDF: Insights: How Can We Foster Teacher Wellbeing? (English); Perspectivas: ¿Cómo podemos promover el bienestar de los docentes? (Español); Perspectives: Comment pouvons-nous favoriser le bien-être des enseignants? (Français); Insights: Como podemos promover o bem-estar dos professores? (Português)
ؤى: كيف يمكننا تعزيز السالمة العامة للمعلم ؟ (Arabic)

Preview image for the video "Teach For All Learning Forum: How Can We Build Powerful Youth-Adult Partnerships? (Highlights)".

May 3, 2023

How Can We Build Powerful Youth-Adult Partnerships?

In May's Learning Forum we learned from members of the network who have experienced the magic of forging powerful partnerships between young people and adults, and are working together to create better schools, communities, and countries for us all. 

Speakers include: Alexandra Vassallo Bedoya, Mentor, Enseña Perú Student Leadership Program; Nur Ariana Iman binti Mohd Farid, Student, Teach For Malaysia and Project ID; Katherine Goicochea, Student, CEO of Wake up Now, and General Coordinator of Programa De Liderazgo para Estudiantes, Enseña Perú; Esther Oluwaremilekun Odekunle, Student, Teach For Nigeria and Member of Teach For All’s Student Leader Advisory Council; Afeez Olalekan Saka, Teacher, Teach For Nigeria; Kelvin Tan, CEO, Project ID and Alumnus of Teach For Malaysia; Moderated by Sanaya Bharucha, Global Director of Student Leadership, Teach For All

Download PDF: Insights: How Can We Build Powerful Youth-Adult Partnerships (English)Perspectivas: ¿Cómo crear alianzas eficaces entre jóvenes y adultos? (Español)Perspectives: Comment pouvons-nous établir de puissants partenariats entre jeunes et adultes? (Français)

Preview image for the video "Teach For All Learning Forum: How Do Systems Change?".

March 14, 2023

How Do Systems Change?

For decades, people worldwide have been working to ensure that all of the world’s 1.5 billion children have access to school. But despite significant investment, much evidence about what works, and many well-designed and -implemented policies, children in school today aren’t learning any more than they were 20 years ago. How then do we transform education to develop students as leaders? In communities and systems across the Teach For All network, teachers, alumni, staff, and allies are showing how such a system transformation might be brought about.

Speakers include: Khadija Bakhtiar, CEO, Teach For Pakistan; Tarun Cherukuri, CEO & Founder, Indus Action and Alumnus, Teach For India; Yue-Yi Hwa, Research Manager, RISE and Alumna, Teach For Malaysia; Franco Mosso, CEO, Enseña Perú. Moderated by Alex Beard, Head of Community Impact Lab, Teach For All

Download PDF: Insights: How do Systems Change? (English)Perspectivas: ¿Cómo cambian los sistemas? (Español)

Preview image for the video "Learning Forum Putting Climate Education at the Heart of How We Build Student Leadership (Highlights)".

July 13, 2022

Putting Climate Education at the Heart of How We Build Student Leadership

Climate change and environmental risks are the lived reality of today’s students, especially of those in disadvantaged communities who disproportionately suffer the impacts. It’s therefore crucial that we support students’ agency and leadership so that they can pioneer the necessary solutions to the climate crisis through their values, creativity, and collaboration—now and throughout their lives—and climate education needs to be at the heart of that endeavor.

Speakers include: Keya Lamba, Alumna, Teach For America & Co-founder, Earth Warriors; Gaccia Norshahian, Student, Teach For Lebanon; Egoitz Exteandia Romero, Alumnus, Empieza por Educar & Teacher, Bilbao, Spain. Moderated by Lennart Kuntze, Global Head of Climate Education & Leadership, Teach For All

Download PDF: Insights: Putting Climate Education at the Heart of How We Build Student Leadership (English)

Preview image for the video "Learning Forum: Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in This Era".

May 4, 2022

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in this Era

The pandemic placed a heavy burden on teachers, compounding the existing challenges faced around the world in both retaining current teachers and attracting new teachers into the profession. In this forum, leaders in this area from Teach For All's global organization share insights emerging from across the network.

Speakers include: Chaitra Murlidhar, Global Knowledge Lead, Teacher Development, Teach For All; Jeet Patel, Global Recruitment Lead, Teach For All; and Radha Ruparell, Head of Global Leadership Accelerator, Teach For All. Moderated by Wendy Kopp, CEO & Co-founder, Teach For All.

Download PDF: Insights: Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in this Era (English)

Preview image for the video "Learning Forum: What Students Need Now (Highlights)".

March 8, 2022

What Students Need Now

Throughout the past two years we've seen firsthand the unprecedented upheaval in education systems around the world. Educators and policy makers everywhere are debating what we should focus on now to ensure that this disruption does not create a lifelong burden for this generation. 

In this forum, we learned from the experiences of four members of our network:   Melanie Hovhannisyan, Fellow, Teach For Armenia; Nnaceesay Marenah, CEO, Teach For The Gambia; Franco Mosso, CEO, Enseña Perú; Oindrila Sanyal, Fellow, Teach For India 

Download PDF: Insights: What Students Need Now (English)