A Message From John Legend on World Teachers' Day

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In celebration of World Teachers' Day, artist, activist, and Teach For All Global Ambassador John Legend shared a message of gratitude to educators everywhere:

Think back to your favorite teacher. 

I bet it didn’t take longer than a moment, and I bet you’re smiling as you remember the person who likely changed your life—either in the way you view the world, or the path you chose. 

I know that had it not been for a few teachers who saw my potential and sparked my passion, I might not have found a love of learning, and the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Every child deserves teachers like these.

And the world needs teachers like these—leaders who help young people develop the skills and mindsets they’ll need to thrive in the world they will soon inherit. 

The solutions to the world’s problems will start in today’s classrooms, which means teachers play one of the biggest roles in shaping a better future. 

So to all the current and future teachers, thank you.