Ola Abdelhafiz

Teach For Qatar

I am a 14 year old Sudanese girl who moved to Qatar when she was eight months old. Although I have lived away from Sudan and only visited on holidays, my parents did their best to keep me somewhat connected to my place of birth, so I grew up proud of my heritage but also constantly feeling out of place. I grew up in a small family with my parents and two brothers. I got my love for art and science from my father, and my patience and hard-working skills from my mother. At a young age, my parents taught me how to be independent and rely on myself, and I've been that way ever since. I reside in a compound where many kids from different countries and cultures live. As an expat in Qatar, which is known for its diversity, I get to meet lots of people from different backgrounds. This taught me how to accept others no matter how different they are because after all, what connects us is our humanity. I also attend a public school in Qatar, and although the learning conditions aren't the best, this has challenged and pushed me to become a self-learner and come up with solutions to the issues my classmates and I face. During school vacations I’ve started a small business with a group of my friends. I would assign roles and prices on items and create the plans and goals for the business. A few months ago, a classmate and I decided to start a newspaper at our school to give students the space to express themselves, and we’re currently working on publishing our first newspaper. I believe that by working alongside my Student Leader Advisory Council teammates, we can achieve great outcomes, help other students around the world, and provide them with opportunities for better education.