Sugandhan G

Teach For India

I am 14 years old and am from Chennai, India, where I study in the 9th grade at Chennai Higher Secondary school TH road. I am from a family where my parents work hard to ensure that my brother and I get a good education, as they did not have access to quality education during their childhood. I have seen them work day and night right, which motivates me to work hard, stay responsible, and be positive in life. They have taught me to be fair, transparent, and honest, and have helped me to believe in myself and to stay confident. I think that I can make my parents and my community proud through my achievements one day, and I try my best to use all the opportunities that come my way.

 Most of my friends have a deep interest in Science and Technology, like me, and believe that we can create effective solutions for some of the issues we are facing with the support of technology. I formed the Change Makers group at school, and together we have built some technological solutions around social causes like women’s safety and the support of disabled people. We also try to create awareness in the school and community around topics like climate change, which has affected our community badly for the past few years through floods/ cyclones and related school closures, and unemployment.

Most families in my community support each other during tough times, which has helped me realize the importance of compassion and collaboration. I wish to be an inspiration to my entire community, helping boost their trust in education as I firmly believe that the solution to most of their problems is a good education for the children in their families. I believe that all children are unique and capable and can do wonders if they are given the right atmosphere and opportunities to maximize their potential. The Student Leader Advisory Council ensures that student voice and opinions are taken into account to make this possible.