Teach For All Goes "Inside Global Girls’ Education" With a New Podcast

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Why focus on girls?

Inside Global Girls’ Education is a limited series from Teach For All dedicated to answering this question.

Broadly, the term “girls’ education” refers to efforts to promote and ensure equal opportunities for girls, grounded in the belief that one’s gender should not define their educational outcomes and opportunities. This series will address the reasons why girls’ education must remain a global priority, and why the fate of girls affects the fate of us all.

Hosted by Samantha Williams, head of Teach For All’s Global Girls’ Education Initiative, the show will feature conversations with local leaders from across the Teach For All network, as well as global experts in gender and girls’ education. Each episode aims to explore the real issues and underlying beliefs that contribute to gender inequality in education and society, and will cover topics including patriarchy, sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, and more.  

The first episode will air on Monday, March 15, featuring Suzanne Ehlers, CEO of the Malala Fund. Ehlers, a prominent leader in the gender equity field, will discuss the progress and setbacks in global girls’ education efforts, while sharing the mission and vision of the Malala Fund, founded in 2013 by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai.

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