Teach For All Welcomes Teach For The Gambia

Publication date
Updated June 9, 2022

Update June 9, 2022:

Following a decision by their Board of Directors, as of June 9, 2022 Teach For The Gambia is no longer a partner in the Teach For All network.

Posted April 15, 2021:

We’re excited to announce that Teach For The Gambia has joined Teach For All as the global network’s 60th partner. Teach For The Gambia is building a movement that addresses the educational crisis through enlistment of The Gambia's most promising leaders to ensure that all children in The Gambia can attain an excellent holistic education that nurtures their unique potential and provides all children in The Gambia with the tools they need for their liberation.

In The Gambia, immense access, quality, and relevance challenges persist within the education system despite multiple reform efforts since the country’s independence. Today, children’s academic success continues to be determined by where they live and the socio-economic status of their families. One in three Gambian children does not attend school and 81% of the country’s most impoverished children have no access to early childhood education.

Led by CEO Nnaceesay Marenah, Teach For The Gambia believes that the way to overcome the complex systemic factors that lead to inequitable outcomes is through a movement of diverse leaders pioneering solutions and working together at all levels — in schools, in government, in business, and in communities — to reimagine a new educational paradigm. To do this, they will recruit The Gambia's most promising leaders as Wangarni (Wolof for revolutionaries) and provide them with international Montessori training, critical pedagogy, indigenous knowledge, historical perspectives, and conscious leadership support. 

As a collective, collaborative movement, Teach For The Gambia also believes that effective solutions must come from a range of voices and sources. As a result, they work in partnership with local communities, allowing them to take the lead in the transformation of education for their children. Wangarni will also provide support to communities to deepen their advocacy skills and critical consciousness.

Teach For The Gambia intends to place its first cohort of 20 Wangarni in early childhood classrooms in public schools in September 2021. We look forward to learning with and from them, their students, and the communities in which they work. 

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