Working Together to Change an Ecosystem: Community Impact in Áncash, Peru

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Preview image for the video "Quien dijo que no es posible - Ensena Peru 2019".

Since 2016, Enseña Perú has been working in the Áncash region in the Central Highlands of Peru with an innovative collective action approach based on deep partnership with the local government (called in Peru the “UGEL”), the mining company Antamina, other citizens’ sector organizations, and community members themselves.  Working together, they have clustered the placement of their participants in schools across the Huari district in Áncash, launched the ¡Qué Maestro! rural public teacher training program, and mobilized collective leadership among a diverse group of stakeholders at all levels through collaborative planning opportunities and community events.

In this video, a student named Rómulo describes, from his perspective, how the collective work affected his classroom, his school, and his region.  “We are all part of an ecosystem," he explains. "We all share the same habitat so anything that happens to others can have an impact on us.”  Rómulo provides a powerful description of how collective action among leaders throughout a community can lead to positive changes for students, schools, families, and entire regions. It is as clear an explanation of the role of community impact in the network's shared approach as we have heard, and an inspiring example of the kind of deep, values-aligned collaboration among many that is emerging in cities, towns, and villages across our global network. 

Learn more about the collective effort in Áncash and other communities across the network that the Teach For All’s Global Learning Lab for Community Impact is engaging with.